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Goals & Strategies

The project aims at the optimization of practice-oriented training systems by strengthening demand-oriented vocational training. Practical and workplace-based skills improve employability as well as the transition from school to labour market.

In the Project "Work-Based Learning in the Field of Cutting Mechanics" we expect the following results and transfers:

Expected Results

= Practical and labor market oriented implementation of vocational training in cutting mechanics in Brasov and Kysucke Nove Mesto

  • By conducting of further educations / learning activities (C1-C5) for local teachers and leaders.
  • By expansion and development of existing networks and cooperation between the training and vocational schools.
  • By developing transparent (ECVET) lesson and examination materials
  • By using multipliers events (Open Days in schools) with policy makers and educational authorities
  • By means of various distribution strategies (e.g. Handbook of Good Experiences, website)

Image: A mechanical engineer at work
Within the completion of the project it is expected that all multipliers of the vocational training of cutting mechanics at all locations will be able to implement practice-oriented vocational training that is based on principles of the dual training system and designed to be highly practical.


  • Increase of the employability of young people
  • Improvement of the economic process
  • Implementation of a practice-oriented vocational training based on the dual system
  • Increase of the use of the training materials at the implementation of the vocational training in cutting mechanics.
  • Increase of the number of stakeholders (business, schools, government departments, chambers, etc.).
  • Increase of the number of trainees who are engaged by the companies
  • Increase of awareness of Work-Based Learning in Slovakia and Romania
  • Creating of sustainable structures of cooperation between school and company


Work-Based Learning in the Field of Cutting Mechanics: Introducing VET Multipliers to Alternate Work-Based Learning in Romania and Slovakia



Action Type

Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training

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