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WBL Mechatronics - News

See the results of our latest activities and outcomes in Hunedoara, Timisoara and Kavadarci

The final project results can be accessed here

More trainings, more participants, more knowledge - see what the participants of the second round of trainings in Hunedoara (Results), Timisoara (Results) and Kavadarci (Results) achieved.

C5: Study trip to Germany: The dual system

C4: Communication + Conflict Management for manager and multipliers in mechatronics

C3: Practice-oriented controls of learning progresses in the in-firm training in mechatronics for teacher and instructors

O4 + O6: Workshop about elaboration of learning materials for the realization of the professional Training 

O5 + O7: Workshop about elaboration of testing material for the realization of practice-oriented controls of learning Progresses



All the project partner with its participants from the VET schools and companies had altogether 10 successfull days with theoretical input and lots of practical work.

Till the beginning of June 2016 two Learning Activities (C1 and C2) took place in Timisoara, Hunedoara and Kavadarci:

  • C1: Basics of work-based training in mechatronics (Results)
  • C2: Practical skills of work-based training in mechatronics (Results)


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