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WBL Cutting Mechanics - News

See the results of our latest activities and outcomes in Brasov and Kysuce Nove Mesto.

The final project results can be found here

Successfull and interesting study trip in Schweinfurt with project partners from Brasov and Kysuce Nove Mesto


Get an insight of the discussed topics and visited institutions here.


All the project partner from Brasov and Kysuce Nove Mesto with its participants from the VET school and the companies had five successfull days with interesting results.

C3: Training about realization of practice-oriented controls of learning progress during company-based-training for trainers of VET centers and companies


Successful first Learning Activity (C1) in Kysuce Nove Mesto (Slovakia) and Brasov (Romania)

From 17.5. to 21.5. the first further education took part in Kysuce Nove Mesto!

C1 Kysuce Nove Mesto (Slovakia): Theoretical introduction to didactics of work-based VET for trainers of VET centers and enterprises (Results)

> Introduction of the modern teaching and training methodology of work-based training, also understood as action-oriented learning.
> Development of project work in vocational training is exercised in workshop examples.


First Further Education (C1) in Brasov from 27.6. to 1.7.!

The further education took place in the respective VET School in Brasov. All project partners took part with a defined number of instructors and teacher.

The contents of C1 were similar to the first further education in Kysuce Nove Mesto.

See the results!